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Goshenites harness diverse capabilities, industry knowledge and business insights to deliver results. We value the relationship we have with our clients and partners. Each is a treasured stakeholder with unique needs and challenges. Each is a journey we undertake with deep commitment and passion, customising solutions to fit the needs and circumstances. Be it in the field of aged care, mental health, disability or family care, we help you to help others and to make lives better.

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Lim Hwee Er,

Director & Principal OT Consultant 

Strategic leader and founder of Goshen, Hwee Er is committed to bring change and innovation to the culture of care for older persons. Her specialised areas include Gerontological Occupational Therapy, Dementia Care and Interventions, Training and Facilitation, and Consultancy and Coaching

Lee Mei Ping

Lee Mei Ping,

Director and Principal Consultant

Backed by extensive experience, Mei Ping embraces process improvement and human resource development as key tools in enhancing productivity and organisational efficiency. Her areas of speciality include Training Design and Facilitation, Project Management, Process and Productivity Improvement, and HR Development. 

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee,

Senior Consultant

Sharon is committed to delivering sustainable competitive advantage to organisations, marshalling her marketing and human resource expertise to good effect. She is specialised in Curriculum Development, Instructional Media Development, HR Development, and Marketing and Communications.

Our consultants

Tian Huat

Peh Tian Huat,

Project Consultant

Trained as an engineer, Tian Huat established his career in a multinational information technology company before joining Goshen. He specialises in quality assurance, project management and process improvement. As a caregiver of his 86 years old mother, Tian Huat developed a keen interest in the various innovations and interventions to improve senior care services. He knows he can use his knowledge and skills to enhance the works of the social services and further the vision of Goshen.


Wayne Ng,

Wayne is experienced in delivering productivity initiatives in both the private and non-profit sectors. He has strong abilities to use his data-driven observation to determine trends and energise teams to attain consistent, sustainable and excellent results. His background in operations and marketing allows him a deep understanding of how to balance operational issues with strategic goals to create win-win solutions for stakeholders at all levels in any project. Wayne continues to lead different productivity projects for various nursing homes and social services agencies, achieving both qualitative and quantitative improvements in performance.

WHAT our clients SAY about us

“The team from Goshen was extremely professional and helpful. They took the time to get to know our clientele, and speak to both management and ground staff to better understand our needs as an organization. This enabled them to better tailor their program to fit our organization's needs.” 

—  Project Manager, Adult Disability Service

What our clients say
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