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The Person-Centred Interaction Observtional Tool 



Person-Centered Interaction Observational Tool: A Tool for Person-centered Care Evaluation to Enhance the Client Experience 

Person-Centered Care

 Person-Centered Care (PCC) is care that:

  • values the person regardless of age or cognitive ability who is able to live a life that is dignified and meaningful.

  • is individualized and recognized that each person has his/her preference, values, background, and life experiences that made him/her unique;

  • includes the perspective of the person as central to all care planning; and

  • provides a supportive environment and relationships to promote quality of life. 

The PCIO tool with its underpinning person-centered care principles, is designed to gather, measure and evaluate the quality-of-care interactions and transactions that reflect person-centered care (PCC) and enhance clients’ care experience.  The use of the PCIO tool provides a practical and easy way to evaluate:

  •  the interactions between the staff with the client during the delivery of care to promote PCC practices

  • the knowledge and skills level of the staff to provide necessary training and support to address the competency gaps 

the engagement level of clients to determine the effectiveness of activity and programme for service quality.

The structured observation tool captures quantifiable interaction quality between the staff and clients by coding their behaviours and responses during any care transaction on an observation chart over a fixed time frame. After the codes are charted and computed, the data generated is analyzed to generate impact evaluation reports with reference to identified objectives for PCC programmes, initiatives, or services.​


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