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The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach 



The 3 key Stages That Goshen Uses:

1. The first stage is Discover. In The Discover phase, The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© helps organizations gain a deep understanding of their environment and requirements. Our consultants employ various methodologies, such as onsite observations, time and motion studies, interviews, surveys, and data analysis, to gather insights about the organization's current state, challenges, and opportunities. Discover aims to identify key areas of focus and prioritize them based on their impact on the area of transformation.

2. The second stage is The Design phase of The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© focuses on co-creating solutions and action steps with the organization. Our Consultants work closely with stakeholders to develop strategies, initiatives, and implementation plans that align with the organization's goals and vision. Our collaborative approach ensures buy-in and ownership from the organization, establishing a sense of accountability among all involved parties.

During the Design phase, the Approach encourages innovation, creativity, and the exploration of new ideas. Our Consultants leverage their expertise and industry knowledge to propose tailored solutions that address the specific challenges and opportunities identified in the Discover phase. The outcome is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the necessary actions, timelines, and responsibilities to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

3. Lastly, The Deliver phase is focused on enabling the organization to implement and scale the solutions developed during the Design phase. Our Consultants provide onsite coaching, guidance, support, and expertise to ensure smooth execution and successful adoption of the recommended initiatives. They assist with change management, performance tracking, and continuous improvement efforts, promoting a culture of learning and adaptability within the organization.

Throughout the Deliver phase, The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© emphasizes knowledge transfer and capability building. Our Consultants work closely with the organization's teams, empowering them to take ownership of the implemented solutions, measure their impact, and make data-driven decisions to drive sustainable growth.

Impact of The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach©:

The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© offers several impact that make it appealing to organizations seeking growth and transformation:

1. Customization: The Approach can be tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of different organizations.

2. Collaborative Approach: The Approach promotes collaboration and co-creation, ensuring that organizations have a sense of ownership and accountability throughout the process.

3. Results-Driven: By focusing on delivering tangible outcomes, the Approach helps organizations achieve their growth objectives effectively and efficiently.

4. Scalability: The Deliver phase of the Approach emphasizes scalability, enabling organizations to implement solutions that can be expanded and replicated as the organization grows.

5. Long-Term Partnership: The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© aims to establish long-term partnerships with organizations, providing ongoing support and guidance for sustained growth and continuous improvement.

By leveraging The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach©, organizations can unlock their full potential, address their challenges, and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly demanding landscape.


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