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The Goshen Way

The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach ©

The Goshen 3D Transformation Approach© is Goshen’s consulting framework designed to empower organizations to discover, design, and deliver effective solutions and interventions to improve their care services. By focusing on the 3 key stages of Discover, Design, and Deliver, this Approach provides a structured way to understanding an organization's environment, co-creating solutions, and implementing them at scale.

The Goshen Person Centred Care Logic Model ©

Are you struggling with implementing Person-Centered Care (PCC) in your organization? The Goshen PCC Logic Model is here to address the common challenges hindering PCC adoption and help you achieve measurable client impact and improved care outcomes.

Person-Centered Interaction Observation Tool ©

The PCIO tool with its underpinning person-centered care principles, is designed to gather, measure and evaluate the quality-of-care interactions and transactions that reflect person-centered care (PCC) and enhance clients’ care experience.  


We are consultants, collaborators and change agents. Goshen offers a unique blend of healthcare expertise and business insights. Our team of dedicated professionals honour the human dignity of the vulnerable in our midst. We embrace the challenges and the blessings that come with ageing. We also embrace the collaboration with clients and partners to enhance aged care and other aspects of healthcare, including mental health and disability. Together, let us work to bring about transformation.  Let quality social services and dignified aged care be not only a promise and a goal but a reality for all.

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